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Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

Why should I/my daughter do physie?

Physie is a great way to keep fit!  The variety offered in lessons keeps the girls interested and enthusiastic all year long – combining ballet, jazz and exercise routines all in one. Physie is fantastic for posture and grace – a physie girl will stand tall with confidence!  Most of all, physie classes are fun!

When can I start?

You can start physie at any time throughout the year.  However, the beginning of the year is the ideal time to start classes, as all routines are starting afresh.  Even the girls that have done physie for years will be learning brand new moves!

How old does my daughter need to be to join physie?

We teach girls from 4 years old and up and the BJP physie syllabus is introduced and there is a greater focus on positions and technique – of course classes are still energetic and lots of fun!

Is physie also for ladies of all ages?

Absolutely!  We have a super fun ladies class, with ladies from 18 yrs right through to ladies in their 70’s+.  Whether you did physie as a young girl and want to try it again, or  a beginner, come along and have some fun and get fit in our ladies class!

 How often do we attend?

You can attend one or two classes a week. The class will enable your daughter to develop Physie skills and empower her with confidence by developing skills such as position, marching and posture. For all classes, it is imperative one class per week is attended to keep up with syllabus learning. The second lesson will also cost $10 per lesson and are not compulsory.

Do I need to pay upfront?

 Yes please.  First 2 lessons are “free” (New members only) – so come along and experience your free trial lessons! After that, classes are just $8 – $10  each/$80 – $100 a Term (approx. 8-10 weeks) – possibly the lowest cost dance class around! There is a one-off annual club registration fee of $30,  payable by the 3rd week of attending classes 2020. Invoices will be issued to all members. 

Annual registration with BJP is $ 88.00 is paid separately . This entitles you to learn the BJP syllabus, obtain a download copy of the competition music and DVD. It also allows you to compete in a BJP team and individual competitions and also for your family to have free audience entry to any zone competition.

 Are there any other costs throughout the year?

Physie truly is one of the lowest cost dance sports around with no expensive costumes or dance shoes . A Champion Girl/Lady Leotard  is required for the year at around $60-$80.

For the team performances, Ballina physie supplies each girl with their leotard, and hair accessories, as well as paying the team entry fee.

We encourage our members to have a club shirt/uniform & Jackets to where to competitions or performances as it also makes us unified club. These shirts cost  $35 – $70 depending on style selected, Jackets are $100 and we have a variety of shirt styles available.

There is  BJP Zone competition fee of $10 and the only other entry fees are the Inter-clubs (two events) which are approximately $10 each performer.  There are no hidden costs with physie, it’s great value for the whole family!

What do I wear?

All classes are bare feet.  Juniors – 4 years to 12 years – wear a leotard, swimmers, or similar. This way teachers can ensure correct posture techniques are being used. We have club class leotards for sale in all children’s sizes.  Hair is to be tied back off the face please. Girls 13 years – ladies wear leggings or bike shorts and a singlet. Bring along a drink bottle and a smile and you are ready for physie!

 May I watch my daughter’s class?

Of course!  We believe parents should be able to enjoy seeing their child’s progression. At our club we allow parents to remain in the hall to watch classes.
We find that if parents watch the classes they are able to learn more about Physie and can better help
their children to practice at home and prepare for competition. If you do opt to stay and watch your
child’s class we ask that you follow some simple guidelines to ensure classes are not disturbed. DO keep infants still and quiet or take them outside. Please refer to Schedule and Etiquette tab.

Do I have to compete?

No, the competitions are completely optional. We do highly recommend them though as they are a great way to build self confidence and meet other Physie girls from all over Australia! It is a wonderful experience designed to encourage girls to become comfortable performing in a safe and positive environment.

What sort of competitions are there?

There are two types of BJP Physical Culture competitions.

First is called ‘Champion Girl’ where girls pursue their individual goals whilst performing the routine.Second is a team-based competition with 8 girls, Juniors, Seniors or Ladies performing the routines together as one team. including Club, Inter-Club, Regional, State and finally National competitions. Every year we try to attend two Inter-club competitions to build confidence for all our physie girls and ladies.

The State Championships are held at Sydney Olympic Stadium and Nationals for seniors and Ladies is performed at the Sydney Opera House where competitors from all over Australia compete for the title of Senior Grand Champion

 What do you wear for performances?

You only need one BJP leotard for the entire year to take part, and at around $60 – $80.  The young competitors have grooming rules in place, and their appearance is kept pretty and age appropriate, with no fake tan or heavy eye make up.  Our club shirt or jacket is to be worn to all performances.

 More questions?

Just ask us and we are always happy to help answer your questions.

We look forward to welcoming you to Ballina Physical Culture.

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