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Class Etiquette

Schedule & Etiquette

Our classes are held on Wednesday afternoons at Ballina Public School Hall from 3.45 pm.
At our club we allow parents to remain in the hall to watch classes.
We find that if parents watch the classes they are able to learn more about Physie and can better help their children to practice at home and prepare for competition.
If you do opt to stay and watch your child’s class we ask that you follow some simple guidelines to ensure
classes are not disturbed.

DO sit quietly in the parents area.

DO keep infants still and quiet or take them outside.

DO put phones on silent and go outside if you need to take a call.

DON’T sit at the front or side of the class or on the stage or stairs.

DON’T allow other children to run around the area where the class is being conducted.

DON’T coach your child from the side of the room. Save that for any practice at home. Never coach or comment on another child. It is not compulsory to stay and watch your child’s lesson.

You can sit outside the hall or you can drop your child off and collect them at the end of class. We do ask that you come into the hall and escort them to and from the car park to ensure their safety.

If your child is selected to represent our club at the team competitions,
there may be some extra team practices closer to the competition.
We will try to accommodate your requests and give you plenty of notice for these class times.

Each year in June BJP produces a professional video with all ages’ syllabus for the year. This is an
invaluable tool and we recommend you download the video and music files so that you can make the most of them to improve at home. These resources are FREE each year when you register with BJP.
We also encourage our students to stretch at home. Students are usually amazed at just how quickly their 
flexibility improves when they regularly do some stretching at home.

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